DJ Feedbacks for upmcoming release from Floska & Lemon Popsicle

Dave Ellesmere (Thirtyonetwenty/Intacto/100%Pure/RemoteArea):
Hey ….good job you did !!! im personally a bit sick of hearing ethnic instruments in music now …. but thats just me ;) production is good though (Floska)

Kerosene (Athletikk, Force Inc.):
both tracks are really good  ! thats house for me. :-)

Floska would be great with a dub mix , thought

Jamie Gittins (Filthy Gorgeous – London / Ibiza):

“I’m in love with the Metrò Orquestra, what a track, those strings are just beautiful, I can’t wait to play this in a club to see people’s reaction! thankyou for sending it to me!”

Oddvar (kammer musik, pour le mérite, time has changed):
two really nice house tunes, will play! many thanks!!!

Dj Rame from Pastaboys (ManoCalda):

SUPER!!! Will play for sure! (Floska)

Black Shine (Mystika Records):
Wonderful track with an involving groove!…CONGRATS…Full support from us! (Floska)

Roberto Capuano(MKT/Minisketch/Splitsound/MBD):
Love this track!!!!full support! (Floska)

Spedro (Orphik Spezial/Hoehenregler/Chin Chill):
What a cool debut,i really like the groove of that shit,you got my support!!! (Floska)

Ben Anders (Merkesdir/OFF/Waldliebe/Greelpound):
Really nice work! Full support for SiLenT Remix!!

Dirty Channels (ManoCalda/Freemove/Snake Beat Records):
Hi, Congratulation, the track is really good!!! Good job!! ;) D.C (Floska)

Fiore (Angels Of Love):

Hello…Thanks for the track…intense and pleasant…beautiful… Fiore (Floska)

Larsen&Luca Marano (Ocean Dark):
Thank you for the track! Will play for sure! (Floska)