#018 // mlod – True Blood

Artist: mlod
Title: True Blood
Cat-N°: TF018
Format: Digital

We a proud to present you our new signing “mlod”. He was born in chicago the hometown of house music.
He is a nintheen years young guy widley inspired by the classic house stuff from his hometown.
In his to tracks he combines chicago house elements with state of the art production technics to finally
get a unique, fresh and energtic house sound. Give it a try.

Milton Jackson
/ hi , i really like Blood, it’s funky. Hopefully Sookie will dance to it tonight! Thanks
Wollion /
both tunes are ace! thx!
Eletric Indigo
/ many thanks for the files! nice release – i like how mlod processes the voice, especially in true… makes it unique :-)
Alland Byallo
/ Fun stuff. Will try this out.
Franck Roger