#012 // Lars Sommerfeld – Dancing Queen

Artist: Lars Sommerfeld
Title: Dancing Queen
Cat-N°: TF012
Format: Digital
Releasedate: Dec. 2008


The next one on Two Faces from Lars.

Hope you enjoy.


FEX: I love this track Dancing Queen, I played dancing queen last saturday, it rocks! ;))

C-Rock (Motorcitysoul): nice one, thanx for sending. 320s would be nice.  shouts

Liz Cirelli: Liking Dancing Queen

Katharina Sikora: I love the sloop track…Thanks for sending ;) 7/10

Wollion: Lars is back again with two bombs, sloop is exact what I play. thanks!!!

Flash Brothers: Very interesting tech house stuff is ‘Dancing queen’ :-) Cheers