#007 // Sonartek American Bar EP

Artist: Sonartek
Title: American Bar EP
Cat-N°: TF007
Format: Digital
Releasedate: April 2008


We are proud the present the next release on Two Faces. The two guys from italy “Sonartek” are well known for their releases on Renaissance, Audio Therapy and Kismet. They have created three tech-house tracks with deep percussions and love. Sunflower is a long growing ever ending musical experience that will make you move. It gets refined by one of the most interesting techno producers from Germany: Kerosene, a man with a long history in electronic music, who is finally back in business with his new label Athletikk. Zipier is the perfect addition to Sunflower and is a powerful evolving track dance track with lots of feelings. Barique v2 is a digital exclusive track for all the laptop DJs around the world. Good for every afterhour to bring the audience to the next level.



Satoshi Tomiie: Cool EP! Thanks

Martin Landsky (Pokerflat): Sunflower Original ist cool, werde ich morgen gleich spielen.

DJ Fex (Robotronic / Dessous): I like very very much the original mix of Sunflower! Already play it, and will do again ;)

Holger Brauns (Liebe:Detail / Dimmer): Super release!

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance / Bedrock): Original and remix of Sunflower sounds good! Thanks!

Tom Clark (Highgrade): I like the Sunflower (both original and remix) the best. Will play them for sure.

Fabrice Lig (Versatile): The A1 track is OK…..

Beroshima (Müller Records): Mit dem Kerosene Remix kann ich durchaus etwas anfangen…..

Rui Da Silva  (Kismet Records): Another cool release from sonartek, sunflower original mix is the one for me thanks.

Kid Massive (Toolroom / Compost): Nice EP. Really well put together. Will definitely be getting some late night spins at my residency at The End.

Marcel Jochmann a.k.a. Antilope (OPSM / Kompass):  Sunflower Original is absolutely up my alley … Phat shit, will play for sure!

Gianni Vitiello (Killabeat): Very nice stuff! Will play Sunflower (Original).

Liz Cirelli (852 Recordings, House FM): Really liking Sunflower & Zipier. Deep and trippy.

Tim Paris (Marketing Music Records): I like the Sunflower. Nice work, thanx.

Miki (Sun Generation records – Italy): Sunflower (Kerosene mix) is one of my favourite of the period …

Alex Flatner (Circle Music): Honestly, I do really like this release a lot! This is the kind of stuff I personally play….

Marcelo Castelli (South American House / Kismet): All mixes are very cool, supporting this a lot! Charting and playing them. Regards

Kamisshake (Azuli): Sunflower is excellent, will defo play and chart it.

Stephane K ( john creamer & stephane k): Barique v2 sounds amazing! Definitely will be in heavy rotation! simply love it! Sunflower is sounding nice too!

Eelke Kleijn: Like the Sunflower track! Nice deep stuff here. Thank you