#005 // Björn Leineweber – Dieser Ton

Artist: Björn Leineweber
Title: Dieser Ton
Cat-N°: TF005
Format: Digital/Vinyl
Releasedate: January 2008


The latest release on Two Faces shows a slightly different side of the label and introduces the new artist Björn Leineweber. Björn combines modern electronic clubmusic with rock and punk influences and his special german vocals to a very own style. The original mix of “Dieser Ton” shows his full talent for writing exceptional lyrics, beautiful harmonies and creating unique sound designs. A track with a lot of feelings. On A2 we find Position:Greenfield – an artist out of the label environment. He developed a remix with classic techno elements and unexpected variances. A track for the early morning hours to deeply touch the crowd. On the flip the label boss himself makes a very compact groovy floorburner. Perhaps one of the hits in 2008 ;-) No more words needed.



Claude V.Stroke(Dirtybird/Mshi: “Lars Sommerfield Rmx – will play, nice big buildup ”

Holger Brauns (Liebe:Detail): “Den Lars Sommerfeld Remix find ich super! top elektrisierend! primetime. ”

Italoboyz (Get Physical – Mothership): “both remixes somehow work for me, interesting release”

Karotte (Cocoon): “coole deepe a seite. kommt auf ner dicken anlage extremst gut. i like it.”

Liz Cirelli (852 Recordings): “ Thanks very much for the promo! really liking the Lars Sommerfeld remix :)”

Nudisco (Craft Music / Karatemusik): “Den Lars Sommerfeld Remix find ich super, bau ich gleich in unser neues Radio Set ein.”

Scratch Massive: “ very great music. will play !”

Wollion (Blufin): “ Den Lars Sommerfeld Remix finde ich geil !! werde ihn spielen…”

Kerosene (Athlettik/Force Inc.): klasse scheibe !
mein favorit a1 !!!! vielleicht ein bischen oldfashioned, geht aber ab wie schmidts katze !
voll mein style. der track macht lust auf wieder wildere zeiten – hoffentlich ;-)

Flash Brothers (Tel Aviv): Original mix is the coolest one here – like the punk feel, break/house vibe & uplifting tip :-)