#004 // Lars Sommerfeld – Then You Will Cry

Artist: Lars Sommerfeld
Title: Then You Will Cry
Cat-N°: TF004
Format: Digital/Vinyl
Releasedate: Dec. 2007



Lars is back with a lovely piece of music on his own label TWO FACES. With his third release on TWO FACES, Lars introduces us to the classic side of house music. A1 is a Chicago influenced house tune with a touch of disco. The hookline, the moody bassline, the vocal samples and the relaxed killer groove out of his swedish drumbox fit together perfectly and will let you move for sure. B1 is called Skeleton Dance. The track is inspired by a roadmovie with never heard before Rhythm N Blues vocal samples and a tricky groove. It rocks from the very first seconds and surprises after the break with wonderful bell-like sounds. B2 is a technoid track which is based on one main loop which gets transposed over and over again and ends up in sweet harmonies and great chord progressions. All three Tracks are inspiring and fresh modern clubmusic with a unique style. Ready for your winter pleasure.


MASON: I’m really digging Payload – thanks a lot for that !

Christo (Funkslut): “ Payload is definitely my favorite one here. One of the best Sommerfelds ever produced. Vive la slutty funk!”

Dave DK (Moodmusic): “ I like the a-side of the new Two Faces. Funky kicking track with spacy percussions and rocking chords!”

De:Bug (GER): “Spartanischer Funk und flirrende Sounds. Vocals und ein kickender Houseound der irgendwie leicht aus dem Ruder wirkt, aber bei allem stolpern dennoch einen unnachahmlichen Stolz versprüht und dieses Gefühl zieht sich dann auch durch die beiden Tracks der Rückseite Musik die irgendwie sehr entkernt wirkt, aber dabei auf skurrile weise eine sehr lässige Art von Soul entwickelt und in der die Löcher genau so mitschwingen wie die direkten und fast dreißten Sounds. Sehr gelungen und vor allem ziemlich gut gelaunt und dadurch verdammt mitreissend. Chicagomicrofunk der feinsten Art. ”

Giles Smith: “not really for me but definitely has a fresh sound.”

Holger Brauns (Dimmer): “ Another great release on Two Faces! Skeleton Dance is weird, groovy, up. Payload: I like this kind of sequencing stuff. Nice! Dont Say Baby: Deeper electronic funk, b-baby!”

Jesse Rose (Frontroom): “the long side is dope, great for late nights at the panoramabar!”

Kerosene (Athletikk / Force In: “ hab mir gerade mal eure nummer vier angehört. skeleton dance ist echt super. ”

Lars Moston (Moonbootique): “ Payload gefällt mir gut, werde ich spielen.”

Liz Cirelli (852 Recordings): “ Really liking Payload – will definitely add this to my box!”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “Playlist!”

Nudisco (Craft Music / Karatem: “ Don’t Say Baby finde ich hammer! Schöner Groove und coole Sounds. Werd ich spielen! Skeleton Dance gefällt mir fast noch eine Spur besser, geile Sounds und schön schräg! Werde ich auf jedenfall spielen!”

Wollion (Blufin): “ Say Baby passt genau in meine Sets, sehr geile Nummer! Respekt…”