#001 // Lars Sommerfeld – More Money More Love

Artist: Lars Sommerfeld
Title: More Money More Love
Cat-N°: TF001
Format: Digital/Vinyl
Releasedate: March 2007




The “More Money More Love” EP is Lars strongest work so far.We are talking about three dancefloor monsters, each tune with a unique fresh style.
Lars highlights us his own version of deep intensive house music.
“Massive” sounds how it looks like. It’s a really massive dark electro influenced house tune with a moody bassline and impressive synthpatternsfor special moments on the dance floor. “Rice Milk” is a long growing warm baby which says “relax your soul” to the dancing crowd. Different synth lines are interacting over the whole track and getting you to a long journey. It really rocks.
What’s this ? Track 3 so called “Sweet Ride” let you ride on a superfunky bassline, open up your mind with sweet piano sounds and grooving vocal cuts. A groovin house tune to wake up the floor.



Noir: Cool EP, guys. Keep it coming.
Fuzzy Hair: Nice tracks! Will support this.
Wollion: Rice Milk – Fettes Tunes, mega warmer Sound. Will play it out tonight!
Jamie Gittins: Massive is a wicked track. Keep up the good work.
Flash Brothers: Massive is the coolest track here. Thanks!
C.Smooth: Nice techy three-tracker. Will support this in my sets, when it needs to get more gritty.
Jonathan Ulysses: Rice Milk has the edge. Can’t wait to play it.

Debug 111 Review:

Auch Lars Sommerfeld ist jetzt irgendwie Minimal. Na klar, was sonst.
Kratzig und mit einer gewissen Brecher-Attitude poltert die Platte los
und lässt die Bässe wie Mahlsteine am Groove hängen und zerren.
Die Rückseite zeigt sogar friedlichere Pianoraveseiten und ein wenig
fluffigen Funk und gefällt mir dadurch allein schon einiges besser, vor
allem wenn auf “Sweet Ride” die Vocals so absurd reingeschnipselt
werden. Warten wir mal ab wie sich das Label weiterentwickelt.
**** Bleed